Here's a trick for instantly earning the disdain of women born before the Truman administration. Create a bread & butter pickle and have the nerve to call it the best bread & butter pickle in the land. For the uninitiated, bread & butters are an American classic — sliced sweet cucumber pickles made with great pride by grandmothers from coast to coast. They are the gold standard of sandwich pickles. If your grandmother doesn't have a closely guarded b&b pickle recipe, chances are she's lying to you. If she does, chances are ours are better. No offense. Whereas most b&b's contain an alarming amount of sugar, ours are sweetened with dried currants, mahleb and a touch of brown sugar, lending them a nuanced sweetness with unmatched depth. Top your cheeseburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches or panini with our Bread & Butters, get your grandmother a Kleenex, and tell her there's no crying in the pickle biz!