Windy City natives rejoice! Wheelhouse is reuniting you with your beloved and misunderstood hot dog condiment. To the unfamiliar, pickled sport peppers are a fixture on Chicago-style hot dogs, along with mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, relish, dill pickles and celery salt. New York hot dog purists dismiss these busy creations as "salad on a bun," but we think there's always room for creativity in the world of hot doggery and love the rush of biting into a fiery and snappy sport pepper when plowing through a hot dog. Sadly, outside of the Chicago metro area, A-#1 pickled sport peppers are hard to come by. Until now, that is! As the name suggests, our Full Contact Sport Peppers have all the kick and crunch of a proper sport pepper, along with a touch of sweetness (thank you, cinnamon stick and apple juice!) Open your minds and mouths, you hot dog traditionalists.