Let's face it. Nobody likes a pickler with a bad attitude. Here at Wheelhouse, we maintain our upbeat, "go get 'em" approach to pickles pretty much all the time. But, as residents of the Northeast corridor, we have to admit that it's hard not to mope a little bit every October when the splendid late summer produce starts disappearing from our local farmers markets. Actually, we're not gonna lie — the pickling withdrawal can be pretty devastating. But once we've had a good cry, we recall the old adage, "When farmers give you root vegetables, make root vegetable pickles" and we get back to doing what we do best — making super pickles! In this case, turnips are the name of the game, as their naturally subtle sweetness and gentle spiciness make them ideal pickle subjects. So as not to overwhelm these delicate flavors, we cut the brine of citrus juices and vinegar with a healthy dose of Hendrick's Gin, itself infused with juniper berries, coriander, and cucumber. We've been told our Gin N' Turnips taste like rays of bright sunshine... and no, not just by hippies and kindergarden teachers! They certainly help us shrug off the fall doldrums, so who knows? Maybe we're on to something.