"Hey celery stalk, take a hike!" Is the kind of thing you'll be saying once you've been introduced to this superior Bloody Mary condiment. We at Wheelhouse Pickles regret the hardships that are in store for the celery industry, but let's face it — there's only room for one edible Bloody-Mary stirring utensil at the top and it definitely shouldn't leave stringy fibers in your teeth. Our Horseradish Spiked Wax Beans are crammed full of nose-tingling spice. Just take a look at the sumac-stained batons of fresh horseradish lining the jar if you don't believe us. Sneak a jar into your favorite brunch spot and make the other diners green with envy as you stir your drink with the wand of flavor. Of course, you can also enjoy Horseradish Spiked Wax Beans in alcohol-free settings, say, in a nice Nicoise salad (salade Nicoise for our French readers) or even as an unadorned snack. The wand of flavor is a pretty powerful tool. Use it widely.