In the heart of Sullivan county, NY, lives Irma Lymar, the gregarious hostess of countless Wheelhouse barbecues. In the heart of Irma's lawn stand two Bosc pear trees. In the heart of Irma is a boundless generosity of spirit. When she insisted a few years ago that we haul away her entire pear harvest, we were overwhelmed with emotion... and pears. We returned her gracious gesture by putting her name on our experimental batch of pickled pears and by winning the "Best Fruit" prize at the 2005 Rosendale International Pickle Festival. Beaming with pride, we brought a jar back to their namesake. Her response? "These don't taste like dill pickles!" Indeed they do not. These pears are pickled in mirin, rice wine vinegar, lime juice, and soy, and accented with tangerines, scallions and black sesame seeds. A perfect foil to pork chops or an exotic addition to a cheese plate, Irma's Pears love to play a supporting role in "grown-up" culinary settings. Sure, they may not be snacking pickles, but they're turning the pickle world on its ear and Irma is fast becoming a pantry pin-up. Soak it in, Irma. You're a star!