Known to convert even the most strident beet haters into beet lovers, these pickles proved their mettle as prizewinners at the 2005 Rosendale International Pickle Festival. Top Shelf Beets are par-roasted and pickled in a sherry vinegar brine infused with tarragon and fennel, and fortified with juices of watercress, oranges, and beet greens. Try them in your favorite salad. Do you like goat cheese sandwiches? So do top-shelf beets! Before you know it, you'll be fishing through the jar and find you have no beets left. Do not panic when this happens. Simply order another jar and mix the leftover brine with some olive oil to make a tangy and brilliant ruby red vinaigrette to tide you over until reinforcements arrive. You will leap from your chair and clap your beet-stained hands together in celebration.