www.michaelfuscodesign.com Top-flight designer and top-flight guy, Michael Fusco is the creator of Wheelhouse's branding concept -- that's a highly technical pickle biz term which means he cooked up our logo, labeling, web concept & layout, PR materials and, perhaps most importantly, pulled off a brilliant ZZ Top homage on our baseball tees. Visit his site to see the fab work he's done for his non-pickle clients and then pester him with email. One piece of advice: don't even think about testing his knowledge of late model Volvos.

www.vitamin-j.com The owner of the quickest 'Ctrl-Tab' trigger we've ever seen, Josh French is the inimitable wheelhousepickles.com developer and webmaster. We can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that Josh invented the Internet, but one thing is for sure -- he built us a super website, complete with a flux capacitor that always runs at 1.21 Gigawatts. In his spare time, Josh enjoys rollerskating and shattering his ulna.

www.ansis.tv Known on at least 2 continents as the former vocalist for the legendary Ska outfit, Skavoovie & the Epitones, Ansis Purins creates all of Wheelhouse's original illustrations in the eastern part of Massachusetts. Easily the most Latvian member of the Wheelhouse design team, Ansis is also the mastermind behind the Zombre comic series, which was recently nominated for the best mini-comic of 2005 award at Jim Hanley's Universe. Drop by Ansis's site to check out his work or to debate him on the virtues of Hoboken's various Japanese food markets -- he'll be thrilled!